Bro down with God

We stood on top of the mountain, looking over an enormous valley with a winding river amongst the rolling hills, set in the back drop of the Continental Divide still speckled with snow leftover from the spring melt.

Our struggles to breathe were all that could be heard as we tried to recover from the grueling hill climb that brought us to this picturesque view.  Finally, the college summer staff Avi, who I graciously let lead this trip spoke up (really I begged him to lead because I was struggling just to keep up with this group of 9th graders who came for a week to experience the Rocky Mountains with their church).  Avi said, I like to bro down with God.  That statement was enough to cause all of us to forget the beauty before us and look back at Avi.  He continued, You know, its important to read your Bible, pray, go to church, serve, memorize, meditate, and all that stuff.  But lately I just bro down with God. 

When I had Avi lead, I also wanted him to lead spiritually as well.  I was hoping for something more spiritual then sharing about bro down time with Jesus.

He continued to talk about how when we bro down with our friends (I'm not sure what the girl version is, and I don't want to offend anybody any attempt to make a parallel so we will use bro down) but he said that sometimes when bro-ing down you don't say anything, you just hang out with your friends.  In fact sometimes it is those who you can just be with that are some of your best friends, its comfortable even in the silence.

After Avi shared, we scattered across the mountain top for solitude.  There I sat in the middle of an aspen grove over looking the beautiful valley with the enormous Rocky Mountains painted with snow, and I had bro down time with God. 

I can get so busy.  Busy even with good stuff.  Busy with my read through the Bible in a year plan.  Busy reading good books.  Busy praying about all my needs.  Busy memorizing verses.  Which are all amazing and I believe necessary things.  But there in the middle of a grand creation of God, I rested in the presence of the God who spoke it all into being.  It was so comforting to just be.  To be in His presence and to not have to talk, or act, or do, but to just be, and to know that the world would continue to go around, and I would continue to be loved, not for my performance but because I am His.
Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.

John 15:15 I no longer call you servants. I have called you friends.


Published on by Kristie.