Jesus is Enough?

I didn’t grow up going to Sunday school. But I always hear people who did, talk about flannel felt board Jesus, and how every answer to every question was always Jesus. But then at some point you have to grow out of the warm fuzzy Jesus mentality, and you need to mature past ‘Jesus’ being the answer for every question. Sure maybe when you were a child you could get away with Jesus being the answer for everything, but as you become more educated and sophisticated life’s questions and answers do to. Since your responsibilities have grown, and life itself is more complicated, the simple ‘Jesus’ answer will no longer cut it. It’s like you grow up and you see something more is required.


I guess I am just not so sure that maturity in life involves more sophisticated answers, and more complex solutions. What if maturity looks more like simplicity? Maybe I am naive and young (which I am), but for me growth has meant becoming more like a child again. I mean according to Jesus it’s the children whom the Kingdom of belongs to, right? And supposedly we have to in some way receive the Kingdom of God like little children or we never enter the Kingdom of God.

It sounds over simplistic, but Jesus is the answer. Jesus is all. Jesus is enough.

Maybe I am just not that sophisticated of a person, maybe I am over simplifying, but for me it’s ‘Christ plus nothing,’ He is everything and He is the answer. Or at least that’s what I am growing to understand, and that is the reality I am learning to live by.

Ps. I wonder those children on Jesus’ lap would have explained Jesus? Warm and fuzzy? Maybe they would use a flannel graph…if they had one.

Published on by Kristie.