Unashamed Teenager

I have been getting so many stories from students who are taking bold steps to live out their faith, and I just had to share.  So I asked permission if I could share this story, and I hope it encourages you as much as it encouraged me.

The story is about a girl named Allyssa, and how she went, what most would call “over board” in order to share the Gospel with a random stranger.

"Hey Zane!  I went to D2SFollow this past weekend! 

For our outreach, we ended up going to Ohio State University! As we walked into the student center, we were all sooo terrified! I ended up walking up to the third level to see this normal-looking guy sitting in a chair enjoying some ice cream.  I started speaking to him, asking about his major & what he was planning to do in life. About 5 minutes into the discussion, I found out that he was a satanist! My heart sank into my chest! I had no idea what to say. He then said, "look, you're wasting my time" and so I said...give me two minutes to share Jesus with you & I'll leave you alone and the decision will be up to you! About a minute through...he started to get up and leave...I then grabbed his leg and basically held him in his chair! (Stupid choice..but it worked!)

I said, (really fast almost in a ranting matter...) God sent his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for your sins and whether you like it or not he loves you no matter how many mistakes that you make because! When he died on that cross, he sacrificed his life to pay the price for YOUR sins and now that is why you, right now, have the choice to be forgiven and free and live eternally and forever in heaven in the presence of God himself with no suffering, anger or sorrow forever and ever! Is that what you want?! And he ended up cussing me out but I slipped a gospel tract with my "number" (fake number from an app so it's not dangerous) in his coat pocket as he stormed out of the building

Here's the good news, Zane. He texted me later last night and asked me a bunch of questions (some that I couldn't answer) and accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior. Zane, dude...Our God is sooo good. He does amazing things."

Often times I hear people say that we need to build the relationship first before we share, or that street evangelism doesn't work, or we need to earn the right to be heard.  Thankfully Allyssa didn't listen to any of that, and as a result a satanist transferred from darkness to the light.  Sure people might get offended when we talk about Jesus in public, but by nature the Gospel is offensive (1 Cor 1:23). The message of the Gospel is what the early disciples died for, it has gotten hundreds of thousands of missionaries killed, and yet many today think they can preach it in a way that will not offend others or cause people to like them.   Are we willing to risk the awkward, even to the point of persecution for the sake of the Gospel?

Published on by Kristie.