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Pradeepan Jeeva

Pradeepan Jeeva was born and raised in Minnesota by Sri Lankan Hindu Refugees. 

He currently pastors Momentum, an 18+ God Party and Ignited Student Ministries

After radically becoming a Christian, he has shared the Gospel to hundreds of thousands by speaking before stadiums, radio and television audiences in cities ranging from Amman, Jordan to Lamu, Kenya.

He brings a comedically unique perspective to the Gospel as one who is immersed in both eastern and western worldviews. Pradeepan’s prayer is that his messages would “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable" towards a greater life in God.

Aside from that, Pradeepan enjoys painful challenges, puns, and playing any instrument.

Pradeepan holds a Bachelor’s in Theology, a Master’s in Educational Leadership, and currently resides in metro Detroit, Michigan.

He is happily married to Amreitha Jeeva, who works as the Director of Advocacy with LightBridge International — an organization dedicated to developing communities and sharing the Gospel to people living on Cambodian minefields.