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Peter Guirguis

Peter Guirguis is a technology manager for one of the largest churches in America.  His passion is to use technology to share Jesus online with those who still don't have a personal relationship with God.  

Peter is the founder of, a blog dedicated to showing Christians how they can reach others with the gospel by using the Internet and social media.  His online guide to getting thousands of Twitter followers has helped hundreds of people to get a large number of Twitter followers, which resulted in expanded evangelism outreaches and ministry.

Peter is the leader of the TechServants for the Savior ministry, a group of Christians who serve the Lord with their technology talents.  With a passion for web development, you can find Peter working on multiple web projects at any given time, most of which are centered on either online discipleship or evangelism.

You can learn more about Peter by visiting his blog or his personal website.