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Paul Worcester

Paul and Christy started and lead Christian Challenge.  Paul, from Orange County, and Christy, from Chico, fell in love when they were sophomores in college. Together they experienced Jesus working through them to reach many fellow students. Paul and Christy started Challenge fall of 2009 and so far 230+ students have made decisions to accept Jesus! Paul loves playing any sport including basketball, football, ultimate, golf, volleyball, skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. Paul is working on his Masters of Divinity. You can follow Paul on Twitter here. Christy loves hanging out with friends and family, shopping, working out and going on dates with Paul.  You can check out what Christy is up to on her blog.  Paul and Christy has a child named  Owen who is almost 3 years old and have another one on the way! Paul and Christy share a passion for reading, praying and communicating God's word in a clear life changing way.