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Greg Stier

Greg Stier has spoken to well over a million teenagers. His unique speaking style combines evangelistic urgency, Biblical accuracy and hilarious true-life stories. His evangelistic talks always end with a call to act now, to do something right away to reach that lost friend, family member, classmate, teammate or neighbor.

Greg is an unlikely candidate to lead a ministry like Dare 2 Share. Almost aborted and raised in a violent urban setting Greg grew up never knowing his biological father. It was when he met his real Father, his Heavenly Father, that everything changed. Because of the transformation he saw Jesus bring into his fist-throwing, body-building, crime-ridden family he knew from the time he was eleven years old that he would spend the rest of his life preaching the gospel.

Today, Greg leads a ministry that has equipped hundreds of thousands of teenagers to relationally and relentlessly share the gospel of Christ. Through large scale Dare 2 Share conferences held from coast to coast Greg is passionate about energizing teenagers to evangelize their world. As a former church planter and pastor Greg believes in the power and potential of the church to transform entire cities with the gospel. As a former youth leader he is committed to seeing this transformation erupt from the next generation. Greg is the author of thirteen books and countless articles. He has appeared on CNN, CBN, TBN, Focus on the Family and several national radio programs. He is a regular contributor to the Christian Post, and Group Magazine. He has been a featured speaker at Promise Keepers, Youth Specialties, Creation Festival, LifeFest and The Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism. Greg has been married to Debbie for twenty two years and has two children whom he adores and one dog which he tolerates. Greg resides with his family in Arvada, Colorado.