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Frank Shelton

Frank Shelton, Jr. is an author and speaker. He’s a fifth generation Washingtonian (DC) and has a passion for God and country.

He is a FOX NEWS contributor and served as the International Evangelism Chairman of 2012 Olympics outreach in London, England with LWFCI and “Olympian of Century” Carl Lewis and just named that position for the 2016 Olympics outreach in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

He is also a volunteer White House Press Correspondent with a Christian newspaper and attends press briefings monthly in the James S. Brady Press Room of the West Wing.

Regardless, if he is sharing the gospel on “Hannity,” to Hollywood stars, the homeless or Capitol Hill’s most prominent politicians he longs that everyone will encounter a personal relationship with Jesus!

Frank is married to his best friend, Ruth and they have two children, Hannah Grace & Andrew Lincoln residing in Southern Maryland.