4 Things I Learned As A Freelancer That Helped Me As A Church Planter

1. Starting a website doesn't mean people will come rushing in.

Asking God for help, working hard, and being patient are a huge part of being a freelancer. It's also crucial in being a church planter. There are no "Grow Your Church by a Thousand in 2 Months" tricks. If there are, please let me know. A friend once told me, "What grows quickly dies quickly." He was making the point that building a foundation is fundamental for holding up what will come later.

2. There are people who have done it longer and are doing it better. Learn from them.

I have no shame admitting that I don't know what I'm doing. Being humble and asking others for help will get you much further than trying to do it alone. I've had great mentors, both in freelance world and in church planting world and it has made all the difference.

3. There is no time for laziness.

People often asked me about working from home. They would say things like, "If I worked from home, I would never do any work". I would simply reply, "If I don't work, I don't make money, which means I don't eat". Churches don't plant themselves. Bylaws don't write themselves. Budgets don't balance themselves. There is no time to be lazy in the business of sharing the gospel.

4. Not knowing how to do something is not a good excuse for not doing it.

I have spent countless hours researching, watching tutorials, and listening to workshops on how to do things I didn't know how to do. In the age of information that we live in, there is no excuse for not at least TRYING to learn how to be better. This could be in budgeting, drawing up contracts, sending email campaigns, etc.

Matt Keller once said, "We're church planters...we make it work". When you have that kind of mentality, you can push yourself and your team further than you thought you could go. Be willing to get outside of your comfort zone. Freelancing and church planting means wearing many hats. As you grow, you can begin to delegate some of those things and focus on what you're best at.

Being a "tentmaker/bivocational" has been a huge blessing in my life. I've found that God uses much of my weekly responsibilities as a graphic designer to teach me things that I can use for His glory. If you're a church planter, let me encourage you to enjoy each stage of it. Dreaming of 5-10 years down the road when you have a building and a budget are great. But be sure to enjoy the blessings of today!

Published on by Roger Coles.