Quitting Doesn't Make You A Failure

Have you ever moved into a new house? It's like you don't realize how much junk you have until it's time to move. It's also a time that you remember how heavy your furniture is. And lastly, it's a time where you find out who your true friends are...the ones willing to give up their Saturday to work and sweat all in exchange for a few slices of pizza.

Moving is a great time to purge because you see all of the things you've accumulated that may have had a purpose or meaning at one point but may have become broken, not as useful, or you may just need to make room for new things. After all, the UHAUL is only so big.

I think this can happen with our lives. Over our lives we add, and we add, and we add...taking on more tasks, responsibilities, vision, dreams. We accumulate a lifetime of dreams and if we don't prayerfully evaluate what stays and what goes, it can leave us feeling cluttered and unproductive.

In my life, quitting has always felt like failure. But sometimes we need to quit things to make room for the new things that God is doing. Don't get me wrong, we need to remain faithful to the things God puts in front of us. Callings from your past may make the cut and carry on to your future. But we must also be prayerful about where God wants us to set our hands and if there is a season where things come to an end.

Seek God. Ask your friends for advice...feed them pizza. There's only so much room in what YOU-HAUL, so be prayerful about what fills you up.

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Published on by Roger Coles.