New and Improved

I remember the day I got my iphone. I loved it. This new technological advancement would soon never leave my fingers. Everywhere I went, she went with me. I would show her off to my friends exclaiming, “You have got to get one of these things!  This is the greatest phone ever to exist on the planet earth.”

But then something happened.  Steve Jobs in all of his ridiculous brilliance came out with the iPhone 3GS.  All of a sudden my iPhone seemed slower, old, and archaic.  How could I live with such an ancient piece of gadgetry?  The new iPhone in all of its glory mocked me.  With its video capabilities and faster speeds. the more I thought about it, the less amazing my iPhone became.  It was no longer good enough.  The praise stopped and the envy of what was better began.

I have felt this way many times in my own life.  Maybe you have too.  I begin to feel comfortable with who I am.  I become excited about what God is doing in my ministry. I begin to like what I see in the mirror. I tell everyone about how pleased I am with where I am.

But then I see your facebook.  I see the exciting things going on in your life and wonder why those things aren’t happening to me.  Then I see the magazine stands.  I am reminded that I am not like those people. I visit your house.  It’s beautiful.  I wonder when I will have the money to move out of a basement and buy a house of my own.

See what happens?  What I had was great.  Until I saw what you had.  I liked who I was until I saw who you are.  It was as if everything was devalued simply by looking at the people and the stuff around me.  It’s not your fault.  It’s not even Steve Jobs’ fault (though I have considered kidnapping him and holding him for ransom for the iPhone 3GS).

Desiring what others have can at times be a good thing.  But when it reaches the point where we allow it to devalue who we are, what God is doing, and where we are going - it becomes sin.  Our value does not come from what others do or do not have.  Our value comes from God alone.

The Bible says that He is the author and finisher of our faith.  My story is not supposed to look like yours. Every great author knows you need variety.  Every book can’t be the same.  Thank God for where you are, what you look like, and for the story He is writing just for you.  He is a great writer.


Published on by Roger Coles.