Backseat Drivers

Here is one of the greatest ways to fail as a leader: Care too much about what people think.

I recently had someone ask me to blog my thoughts on leadership.  Usually when people write about leadership it is because they are great leaders or have some golden leadership nuggets to share.  I don’t know if I fall into that category but since I rarely ever have someone actually ask me to blog something specific, here I go.

I have been working with students for about 8 years now.  During my time in youth ministry I have seen students transform.  For weeks they will come in wearing their normal every day clothes.  Then all of a sudden one week they come in looking all thugged out with a doo-rag and some bling they got from 5 below sporting fresh kicks saying things like:

“Yo my man, I ain’t seen you in a hot minute. did you hear about Liquesha? Boo got all jacked up off some brown frown. I was G-macin’ on that honey, but I had to pump the brakes on that biscuit for realz!”  

It’s strange to see someone who was wearing abercrombie and fitch last week come in wearing fubu gear the next week…but they do it because they think it will make them look cool or make people like them.  This is a real danger for those in leadership.

A leader who tries to please the every whim and desire of those he leads will be a schizophrenic leader.  He will be hard to follow because he is ever changing and never constant.  He will be so busy listening to the backseat drivers that he won’t hear the GPS telling him where to go.  He will jerk the wheel from the left and to the right as the voices shout directions.  This only makes all of the passengers sick and the driver frustrated.

My advice: Pray. Set your course. Be yourself.



Published on by Roger Coles.