Advice I Wish I Had Gotten

This being my first entry and all, I figured we should cover the basics.

My name - Roger Coles
My ethnicity -  Halfrican American (black daddy, white mommy)
My location - Northern VA right outside D.C. (this is where I shout my area code in a gangster voice)
My availability - Married to singer/songwriter/hottie Lisa Coles (she rocks
My occupation  - Evangelist/Worship Leader (a.k.a. 1 million side jobs to help pay bills)

Nice to meet you.

I’m not really sure what kind of an audience I have. I assume that since the name of this site is “emerging evangelists” that my audience is evangelists looking to emerge. For my first entry, I will speak to that.

First, a little history. My wife and I were youth pastors for 3 years at what would be considered a megachurch here in VA. It is the church we both grew up in and were baptized in. About a year and a half ago, we felt God stirring something new inside of us. I could feel the focus of our ministry was going to shift. And it did.

In October of 2007 Lisa and I began traveling full time. Lisa had just released her CD and we began our tag team ministry of worship, evangelism, and missions. We launched Worldwide Collide Ministries (a nonprofit organization dedicated to preaching the gospel and training worship leaders & songwriters around the world how to write their own indigenous worship songs).

We absolutely love what we are doing. BUT there are a few pieces of advice that I wish someone would have given to me when we started out. I thought over my next few entries I would address those things.

Here is the first misconception that I had about starting out as an evangelist:

-Get a sharp looking website with a podcast of your sermons & wait for a flood of pastors to call.
Ehhh. Wrong. Don’t expect your phone to ring off the hook the second you announce your new ministry. You will need to be the one making the calls. I hate making calls. I’m not very good at it. I prefer faceless, voiceless emails. But those usually do jack diddly squat.

It will be very discouraging at times. Sometimes the people you thought would love to have you come to their church will not return your calls, emails, text messages, or stalking techniques. Many times Pastors are not thinking about you. You will constantly be thinking about them.

Here are some things that may help.

-Make a list of pastors and friends who have a voice at their church. Use every resource at your fingertips (emails, texts, calls, facebook, websites, etc). You will need it.

-Learn ministry trends. Learn when churches do certain events. (Fall=outreach, Summer=camps, etc.)

-Plan your calling around ministry trends. That way you will know when to call and what to call about.
Don’t expect results when calling 3 weeks in advance.

-And lastly, believe in your ministry. If you don’t, no one else will.

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