What To Do If People Near You Become Christians

The preacher asks the audience to bow their heads and close their eyes. He says, “Raise your hand on the count of three if you want to give your life to Jesus.” Throughout the crowd, hands go up. To your surprise, the person next to you raises his or her hand!

Did you know at this moment you could make a huge eternal difference? It might be the most important thing you do. When I became a Christian, I’m so thankful what for normal people did for me. I’m about to recommend you do the same. These simple steps can make the difference between someone being too afraid to commit to Jesus and following Him forever.

In Acts 15:36, the Apostle Paul says, “Let’s go back and visit each city where we previously preached the word of the Lord, to see how the new believers are doing.”

When a friend or a stranger in your life initially decides to follow Jesus, use this non-exhaustive list to help them out.

1. Say you’ll walk down to the altar with them

During the altar call, simply lean over and ask, “Do you want me to walk down with you?” This initial comfort breathes strength into people who are about to make a huge life change in front of strangers.

2. Follow up immediately

After they pray for salvation, pursue them right away. Take this opportunity to celebrate their decision and ask to pray with them. Let them know you once made the same dedication and you are so glad you did. Initiate a time to grab coffee and hear their complete story.

3. Show them basic spiritual disciplines

Don’t assume these people know anything about Christianity. Get them a Bible and show them how you started reading it. Let them know how to communicate to God through prayer. Tell them about the power of regularly attending church services with a strong community of believers.

4. Plug Them Into Community

Many people lose friendships and family relationships after deciding to follow Jesus. Adopt these new believers into your community and show them how to get involved with the church. Help be their new spiritual family or introduce them to a community who will be.

In conclusion, when people decide to follow Jesus, let’s do our best to nurture these newborn Christians! This something every believer can do — even without a Bible degree! People following steps like this made a huge difference in my salvation story, and I am confident that God can do the same through you!

Published on by pradeepan jeeva.