My #1 Way To See People Give Their Lives to Jesus

Evangelism is something unbelievers and believers hate. 

The awkward ice-breaker, like

“May I talk to you for a second? I noticed you are going to Hell.” is uncomfortable for everybody.

Is there a better, easier way to see the people around us become Christians? We know the transformation in our own lives and so desperately want people to experience light in the midst of darkness, yet we fear sharing the powerful message of the Gospel.

You might think you don’t know enough about the Bible or haven’t been spiritual long enough to help anyone become a Christian. You might even struggle with being a strong Christian yourself. No matter what you’re feeling, I am confident you can make a massive difference.

There is an easier way to see your friends fall in love with Jesus. I know it works because it’s the way I became Christian (coming from a heritage of Hinduism).

Invite your friends and family to come to church with you.

Seeing people in the house of God, filled with true life and love, moved me to the point of salvation. I asked questions about God because I felt exposed to a new way of life. 

If you are embarrassed of your church services, find one that is designed more for outreach and bring a friend or family member with you.

In the last months, I’ve seen more than 100 people give their lives to Jesus because somebody invited them to church.

I noticed that an invitation often leads to Salvation.

You’d be surprised how many people have never received an invitation to a service.

Right now, think of three people you can invite to church and text them immediately.

Offer to buy them a Mocha, pick them up, and they just might become a Christian.



Published on by pradeepan jeeva.