7 Reasons why you shouldn’t tell people about Jesus

1. You don’t have enough time


You are busy with work and life. All people are limited to 24 hours a day and there simply isn’t enough time to talk about Jesus. Plus, witnessing may lead to time-consuming questions or people asking for help. It’s best to avoid these ministry situations altogether.

2. People are Scary

Jesus is controversial and people are often overly aggressive while dealing with Christians. Someone could call you names or insult your intelligence. Why put yourself in a situation like that?

3. You aren’t a perfect Christian

What right do you have to tell people to get right with God? You have made plenty of mistakes and probably haven’t gone to Bible College. It’s best to let the spiritual authorities talk about Jesus so you don’t mess things up. 

 4. People might think you are weird

Once people know you are Christian, interactions might get awkward because you believe differently than them. This could hurt your chances of blending in and being accepted.

5. You’re not sure Jesus is the only way

You have your doubts about Jesus. At times you question the existence and character of God. Plus, there are lots of other religions. Why waste time convincing people about something you’re not sure about?

6. You don’t know any unbelievers

You’ve been in the church your whole life, and don’t associate with anybody but Christians. How are you supposed to witness if everyone you know is already a follower of Jesus? It’d be a waste of time meeting new people when you’re focused on developing community with the people you already know.

7. Someone else will do it

There are plenty of people preaching on television, the radio and all over the world. Nobody will notice if you don’t witness. The Church has survived this long in history with you helping people find Jesus and will continue to do so.

Are you using these excuses? Hopefully not. 

Published on by pradeepan jeeva.