Looking for the Meaning of Life? You've Found it Here [video]



My earliest memory of thinking about what the meaning of life was started when I was in the eleventh grade.  

It seemed that high school was either about trying to be one of the popular kids, trying to stand out from the crowd, or trying to find my first love.

By the time I was a senior in high school, I had become quite disillusioned with my experience.

"Is this all that there is to life?" I used to think to myself as I walked down the hallways of my high school building.  "There has to be more."

It took me another 9 years to find out what the meaning of life was.  During that 9 year period I tried things that TV and society told me would make me happy.

I partied, I went to the most exclusive VIP night clubs in Los Angeles, I dined at some of the most famous restaurants in the world, I had girlfriends, and a whole lot more.

But none of these things made me happy or made me feel content.

Have You Found Happiness?


Have you ever felt that way?  Have you ever felt dissatisfied with your life?  Have you ever felt like life had no meaning?

Many of us are looking for happiness, love, hope, and peace in the wrong places.

Maybe you can identify with what I'm writing about here.  Or maybe you can identify with the life of Pete.  Check out this video below.

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Published on by Peter Guirguis.