16 Evangelists You Should Follow on Twitter

Have you ever thought of reaching people with the gospel using Twitter?  Just one tweet that you send could send a non-believer to a website where the gospel is being presented and they could put their faith in Jesus Christ.

There are wonderful testimonies of how people accepted Christ online.  So if you want to get started, it would be a great idea to follow others who are using Twitter to share the Gospel.

How I got Started With Online Evangelism

When I first started evangelizing years ago, I was apprehensive about how to share my faith.  I felt awkward, I didn't know how to start a conversation with a complete stranger, and I worried that I wouldn't know what to say.

So one day I thought, "Why don't I share the gospel with complete strangers on Twitter? That way I can get some practice and hey if something blows up in my face, I can just close my browser and I can walk away from the conversation without it being a big deal."

So I started sharing Jesus online and by the grace of God, I never had to close my browser on someone, not even once. I've had many wonderful conversations with people on Twitter about God and I know that many seeds have been planted.

That's why I created a free guide to show you how you can get thousands of Twitter followers so that you can share about your business or ministry while also telling others about Christ.

Follow These 16 Evangelists on Twitter

So here's a list of evangelists on Twitter who are sharing the Gospel with others, sharing great links, and have really encouraging tweets.

You can follow these folks, retweet them, see what they are doing, and overall, they are some really friendly folks.

Please forgive me because I know that I missed A LOT of great evangelists out there. This is just a list of Twitter accounts that I know and follow.

By the way, this list is not in any kind of order.

**All of these people and ministries are humble servants.  They would prefer to be last rather than first.

All of them that is except for the last guy on the list. He doesn't deserve to be on this list because he's a big fat sinner and needs to repent like, right now :-) {hint: it's me!}

So here you go, just click on the pictures below to be taken to their Twitter page:

1)  Matt Brown needs no introduction.  He's an evangelist, he's the founder of this blog and of Think Eternity.  I follow Matt and read his blog posts regulary.  This should be the first person that you follow without a doubt.


2)  Matt has a lot of training from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in the area of evangelism. I'm a big fan of BGEA and come-on now, who isn't?



3)  This is the official Billy Graham Twitter account operated by the BGEA.




4)  Ray Comfort has a very distinct way of evangelizing as he likes to give people the 10 Commandments first (the Law) followed by grace.  Lots of great insight from him.



5)  Sarah Hoverson manages Campus Alpha, a ministry that introduces young adults to the Christian faith.




6)  Boy can Clayton King preach!  I first heard Clayton preach about 1 month ago and right after that I subscribed to his podcast and searched for his videos on YouTube.



7)  Greg Laurie is a pastor and evangelist from Riverside, California.  He's well known for the always wonderful Harvest Crusade events.




8)  Global Media Outreach (GMO) is a ministry that specializes in Internet evangelism.





9)  God Life Tweets is another Twitter account by GMO that disciples people online and brings them to faith.




10)  Rigo Campos is the blogger behind Going After One, a blog dedicated to tweeting God's Word and evangelistic messages of repentance.



11)  Luis Palaus is a world evangelist who shares the Gospel world wide.  He also has an excellent evangelism ministry en Espanol.




12)  Tony Nolan is a world wide evangelist that also is involved with new church plants.




13)  Dave Sterrett is an evangelist and author of "Why Trust Jesus".




14)  Dominic Russo has led many people to Christ and is the founder of




15)  Joanathan Hulton is an evangelist and is one of the main people behind




16)  Lastly, it's me. I love to share tweets that encourage Christians in their faith and that point non-believers to the Savior.




Published on by Peter Guirguis.