Stepping On Toes...OUCH

What if I told you that some of our biggest moments of growth will be marked by discomfort?

I lost my Dad when I was 7. (To an ugly divorce)

I lost my arm when I was 17. (Both are still there…well…kind of)

I lost my dreams many times. (Still trying to salvage some and let go of others)

I lost my job. (Solved this by working for myself)

I lost my mind…if were being honest, today.

My biggest moments of growth have always; yes always, involved discomfort on some level.

All of the things I listed above can be summed up by saying, “Ouch, you’re stepping on my toes.”

If I were writing my story, my Dad and Mom wouldn’t have gotten a divorce.

If I were writing my story, my torn rotator and labrum would not have interrupted my baseball career.

If I were writing my story, I would never lose a job, a dream or my mind.

We often perceive moments of interruption as a detour, when in fact; it may be God bringing us back from a detour.

I don’t know what you are chasing.

I don’t know what you are thinking will satisfy you.

But I do want to encourage you by saying, maybe the job that fell through or the dream that died a brutal death is all a part of a bigger story.

A story that involves you being in the right place at the right time.

A story that may be marked by moments of discomfort and a story that will be lathered in a life well lived.

If we were put on this planet to love God and love people…

If our chief goal in life is to bring Him glory…

Then let God and people step on your toes. The growth will come soon after the pain!


Published on by Pedro LaTorre.