Opportunity Kills People

Have you ever heard the statement, “When it rains, it pours?”

Thought so.

I think this phrase is often used when someone stubs their toe and then almost simultaneously gets a call that their child has the flu.

I have had my fair share of rainy days and I am sure you have as well.

Opportunity often seems to come in waves and sometimes tsunamis.

I will spend months thinking, praying, and planning, yet feeling like there are no opportunities in any direction.

Sometimes it feels like I should buy a house in a neighborhood full of dead end cul-de-sacs just to reinforce this feeling!

The ironic thing about opportunity is that when you have none, you just want one. And when you have a ton, you’re just stressed out.

Options are great if you’re at a buffet, but in the real world they more times than not will leave you frustrated and confused.


Options cause us to ask questions. Sadly, they don’t have a mouth and they will not talk back.

Options make us feel needed. This sounds great until your ego inflates like a hot pocket.

Options cause us to “rubber neck.” Every second you’re not looking forward is a chance for you to miss what’s in front of you, both the good and the bad.

Options cause us to believe that a choice has to be made, NOW.

Options give us dreamy eyes, like a 17-year-old girl who is watching, “The Vow” and “The Notebook”…at the same time. Dangerous!

Options are not evil, but they should be handled with care.

Recently, I have been in the ring, wrestling with opportunity. Actually if I am being honest, I have been wrestling with a question: “How far is too far?”

Before you get all worried, you should know that I am married, just to clear up any speculations.

What I mean is: “How far should I allow these opportunities to pull me before I kill myself with thinking and over analyzing?”

I have developed a simple filter through which all of my opportunities now pass.

1. Is this credible and concrete? (or just fluff)

2. Does this line up with my gifts, my passions, my goals, my beliefs?

3. What does my wife think? (listen to what she is and isn’t saying)

4. How much space will it take up? (my time, my attention)

5. Why me, why now? (I pray and listen)

Find a filter that works for you so you can keep your eyes on what’s ahead and not allow opportunity to kill you. Good things can weigh us down.

What opportunities are choking the life out of you right now?

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Published on by Pedro LaTorre.