Insta Point and Shoot

 Recently, I was going back through all of my Instagram pictures and couldn't help but smile. 

I so easily forget how good God is to me. The places I have gone. The people I have met. The relationships that have been formed. The late night conversations in random hotels. The early morning inside jokes that are for some reason no longer half as funny as the night before. The men who have challenged me to lead my wife the way Christ is leading the church. Moments that I tend to forget so easily.

I find myself asking God to do things every day. To show up and be my personal "on call super hero." To kick down barriers and provide money. To reassure my faith and grow my dependence. But if I am being honest, my heart hates being dependent. I hate feeling like I am in need of something for life. I pray for God to show up, but work as though it’s up to me. I struggle to believe God can handle my smallest problems, let alone my big ones. I guess you can just call me “a human.” This is our struggle.

Instagram does something powerful to us if we let it. It provides a reminder of the grace, provision, and goodness of our Father. I know some of you super Christians probably just got offended, so I will now drive this home. If Instagram can provide us with such a powerful reminder, how much more can God’s Word be a reminder for us? One thing I have noticed about Instagram is that I can only see moments in the past. I can't refresh the feed for the future, and if I could…I would!

God's word provides hindsight, insight, and foresight. It provides a reminder of the past, a solution for the present, and provision for the future. God’s word is for now and later.

Let’s take this to a whole new level.

What if our faith and dependence on Christ were as evident and consistent as our Instagram feeds?

What if we ran around longing to capture the beauty of God’s hand gently combing it's way through our hearts?

What kind of moments would you capture?

What kind of moments do you and I miss?

What kind of moments would others double tap on to assure how beautiful of a moment that was?

Never has a generation been able to record so much and forget so much all at the same time. 

In the book of Joshua, God assures and reminds Joshua that He now posses the same anointing that Moses had. God used the Instagram of Moses (his past moments of provision) to remind a future leader of the goodness of God. All that Moses had been through despite his weaknesses now serves as encouragement for Joshua. 

I pray that you capture moments of God’s goodness. More importantly, I pray that you don't take credit for those moments, but that you use them to point to the God of Joshua, Moses and Instagram. 

Point and shoot towards the grace of God and you will never need a filter.  

Published on by Pedro LaTorre.