Dumped By Delta

Recently, I was flying from Florida to Tennessee to play a large concert at The University of Tennessee.

Like most, I hate paying to check a bag. I feel like airlines are robbers in really nice outfits who steal my money and leave me some stale peanuts. With that being said, I packed my book bag and carry-on bag like my life depended on it. I watched a couple of reruns of MacGyver just to make sure every square inch was utilized.

As I walked through security, I quickly observed that I was getting a bag check.

I'm fine with a bag check, but this dude took my suitcase and turned it upside down. It looked like a 7-year-old’s birthday party when the kid smashes the candy out of the piñata.

He said, "Do you have anything sharp inside this bag that could harm me?" I responded with a dab of frustration, "It's not looking like it."

Sometimes we act this way with our hearts. We pack every square inch like we are playing "family vacation Tetris" in the back of the mini-van. If you're like me, you hate having your luggage overturned and rummaged through.

It's an invasion of privacy and it’s inconvenient.

I am writing this in the airport as I wait for my flight.

I am thinking about the gospel and more specifically, Jesus dying on a cross for sinners like you and me. I am thinking about all of the sharp objects that sit dormant in the confines of my heart. Jesus knows what it's like to be violated and disrespected.

Honestly, to even draw a parallel between my suitcase and Jesus on the cross feels a little weird, but it paints a clear picture about the rhythm of the Kingdom.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, it is standard protocol to have our hearts searched. It may seem frustrating and inconvenient, but it's for the best for everyone.

God searches the hearts for the safety and growth of all who are willing and wanting to be on his plane.

Trust Him. He's got a pretty good record, unlike Delta!

When was the last time you asked God to search your heart?

Published on by Pedro LaTorre.