Modern Day Collision - Where Do Faith and Twitter Intersect?

What could Twitter and your faith possibly have in common? 

The moment you stumble on someone else's Twitter page you will run across 3 main categories. 

These categories speak volumes to potential followers. The 3 categories are as follows:

1.) Tweets- (This let's people know that you may talk too much)

2.) Following- (This tells everyone that you may be desperate for relationships, like E Harmony desperate)

3.) Followers- (This shows the world how valuable your thoughts really are)

I know it's a little humorous when you break down twitter into those elements, but just follow me for a moment (pun not intended). 

I have viewed literally thousands of twitter profile pages and one thing always jumps out at me. 

Perhaps you have thought it as well?

"We really should be more mindful of who we are following."

Please understand I am not trying to say that twitter is a flawless simulation of life, so therefore it's impossible to draw too many comparisons. However, there may be a spiking trend we can glean some wisdom from. 

When I first joined twitter, I wanted to follow everyone! For crying out loud, I think I even followed Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Actually, I may still be following them, they are interesting youngsters! 

After about a year of following everything that came into my 'twittersphere' I started to get really frustrated. I realized the people I was following were actually tweeting. I know, go figure right? Yeah, I actually had to hear about there every meal and the smelly person sitting next to them on there flight to Denver. It got old fast!  

Soon enough the people I really did want to keep up with and learn from were drown out to the sound of people that have diarehhia of the mouth! Now to make sure I stay connected with the people I care to do so with, I occasionally will go through the people I am following and hit the forbidden, "Unfollow" button. I am not going to lie sometimes I feel like the guys sitting in expensive suits on Shark Tank denying people left and right, except the expensive suit part. To have meaningful relationships, we must make relationships meaningful. This involves intentionally killing off the excess voices, so we can focus on those relationships we are trying to grow. 

There is just something to be said for shrinking your circles. I know it's not a popular idea but it's a very biblical one. It's so key, especially as communicators of the gospel that we drown out the sound of non-sense. Non-sense is simply fatty talk. We have to learn to trim out the fatty talk in two regards. 

1. So our followers can become increasingly more aware of what we are all about. (Our faith, priorities, core beliefs)

2. So those we are following will not be drown out to "Sir Tweets Alot." (you know that guy whom you suspect gets paid per character). 

 I am not saying you should embrace some new mantra of, "Follow Few"...oh wait...yes I am! That's all for now. #moretocome

- @pedrolatorre


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Published on by Luke Frederick.