"I'm Quirky & I Know It"

Not everyone can be the quarterback screaming at the offensive line.

As a matter of fact when I was in high school I possessed all of the physical traits for being a great quarterback. But according to my coaches I lacked one important trait...

I wasn't VOCAL enough.

I wasn't vocal enough?

For many years growing up many people thought I was not interested in the game or the event because I didn't have enough chest hair...

I just wanted to see if you were listening!

Truth is...I was very interested.

Not everyone is an extravert and just because you are an introvert doesn't mean you can't be an effective leader. As a matter of fact, introverts are highly gifted thinkers, dreamers and doers; not in spite of their temperaments but because of them.

Steve Jobs is probably one of the most pioneering introverts of the 21st century. His ability to dream, create, and analyze data is what made him a successful human being.

The most intriguing element of being an introvert is one's ability to listen.

Most introverts are pretty sound listeners and because of that, they process large amounts of information and can make sound decisions when under pressure.

Ghandi was noted as a silent leader. His movement proves a very simple but often overlooked concept...

People can't read words as clear as they can your actions.

You can say all you want, but your actions are like the HD TV flat screen in the back of Best Buy, BIG...Clear...Riveting.

Francis of Assisi said it best, "Preach the gospel at all times; when necessary, use words."

Your words are merely the angle at which you want people to see things, your actions take people's hand and allow them to feel the angle for themselves.

My father in law said it best while we were in Orlando recently on vacation.

"If the food don't smell good, then what's the point of eating eating it?"

The fruit of our lives should be a sweet aroma to not only God but to the world. People don't buy into principals but they do long to be apart of a movement.

Movements don't require certain personality types.

Movements don't require certain personality traits.

Despite the thousands of conferences that will push you towards a cookie cutter leadership style that often excludes the quiet introverted personalities, God uses the following:

The loud/The fake/The real/The lazy

The quite hipster chillin in the back of your local Urban Outfitters or Zumiez.

This is for the introvert that feels called to evangelism.

The world needs more people that are able to listen as much as others speak.

This is for the extrovert that feels called to discipleship.

The world needs people that can passionately and honestly convey the gospel over a cup of coffee.

The world needs you.

Right now.

Stop reading...




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Published on by Pedro LaTorre.