Wheaton Coalition is changing to FORGE Coalition

After several years of going by Wheaton Coalition, following our Wheaton Conference in early 2015 at Wheaton College, we are changing our name to FORGE Coalition to represent our ongoing ministry and future conferences in other potential cities besides Wheaton, Illinois. 

We love, and are grateful for Wheaton College and the access to host our first conference there. We are indebted to them, and to the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College for their partnership, and we are excited about the initiatives they continue to develop. 

We are excited about the new name FORGE, and feel it is a powerful representation of what God has called this coalition together to do - to see new evangelists forged by God and activated to bring the gospel to our broken world.

Our social media handles have continued to be the same: @evangelists over the past 10 years since launching this coalition, through several name changes. We anticipate FORGE to be a fitting name for this coalition for many years to come.

We look forward to sharing more gospel content with you in coming years, and announcing a 2nd conference in coming years as well!