The Political Gospel

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes…” (Romans 1:16) This is one of my favorite scriptures from the book of Romans. I believe that this scripture shows us something quite clear; the gospel is the power of God that leads to salvation!

Paul speaks in the Bible about how we should adapt our approach to win people to Jesus (1 Corinthians 9), but not once does the word of God say that we should settle for a watered down gospel so that people can be won to Jesus! As an evangelist, I believe in preaching the full gospel message, this is often uncomfortable as it does speak about casting out demons, healing the sick, resisting the devil and calling out sin, leading people to repentance. This gospel that we believe is not complete unless we preach the full version that also includes the power that is in the blood of Jesus. It is a topic that many people do not understand, and quite sadly many in the body of Christ today still do not understand this power that is in the precious blood of our Savior.

We must preach the entire gospel. Yes, let’s dress like those we want to reach, let’s speak their language, but let’s never compromise on the truth of the word of God in order to do that. Political Christianity and political correctness will not win souls, it will water down the gospel message and render it powerless in our lives. We cannot compromise on truth; we cannot compromise on the word of God, not for a moment.

So what are the consequences of us not becoming politically correct? Well, legal challenges, arrest, persecution, outrage, dispelling from community groups, sanctions and relational collapse among other things. It’s starting to sound like Jesus described what happens to those that follow Him, isn’t it? Light cannot mix with darkness; light penetrates the darkness and brings clarity. We must boldly stand on the word of God and not bend our faith to fit with what the world wants.

These truly are the end times; we only need to look at Israel to see just how close we actually are to the return of Jesus. Now is not the time to sit, to wait and stop preaching; now is the time to stand tall and preach the Gospel with all that we have within, with love, conviction, power and authority.

Published on by Jonathan Hulton.