My Marriage is Over…

For many of you reading this, I can guarantee that this blog will shock you. Many people have secret lives, hidden truths and skeletons stored away somewhere that no one else can see. I need to make a confession about my secret marriage that has been going on in excess of five years. The Bible clearly says that husbands should love their wives just as Christ loves the church (Ephesians 5), which means that as men we should love our wives with all that we have. We should set aside time, be kind, generous, attentive, loving and good with them. We must love them to the extent that if we needed to lay down our lives for them, we would without hesitation.

For over five years, I have sat every night and grown in connection with someone other than my wife and son. I've watched them, taken them to the ministry office with me and gone absolutely everywhere with them. Even on my ministry travels, speaking engagements and filming trips abroad, I have taken them with me and spent thousands of dollars on them. I decided not so long ago that one was not enough. I managed to build a relationship with another one and I now have two that travel with me everywhere. 

Sometimes I have sat in the evening with my family and still thought about these two influential figures in my life, so much so that it has robbed me of precious time with those that I truly love. Even if we sit down together for a meal with my family, I feel the temptation to look at them in place of my family and spend time with them. They have connected me with hundreds and thousands of key people around the world, so they have tremendous value. They have also helped me reach many people with the gospel both in my own country and abroad.

I must be honest, after lots of consideration, thinking and prayer; I have come to realize that I have done wrong by my wife and my 5-year-old son. There will always be souls to save and emails to be written, but my friends please hear me when I say this; the marriage with our cell phones must end. My marriage with my phone is over; I have realized that the key qualification for ministry is the precious exchange of love between a husband, his wife and their children. Emails and calls can wait, but your relationship with your husband or wife cannot. My marriage to Inshana is stronger than ever because I chose to end my marriage to my cell phones!

Maybe we should lead the way in challenging each other to put our phones away, spend time with our families and build a solid foundation on a rock of love.

Published on by Jonathan Hulton.