Muslims want to know Jesus!

"The gospel is the power of God that leads to salvation..." (Romans 1) As evangelists, that scripture is important for us to hold onto because sometimes times get tough. True evangelists don't look at the lack of pennies in the bank, so that it not what I’m talking about. True evangelists look at the lack of souls that are coming to Christ around the world. Even if we win a million, there are still tens of millions left. Knowing that the kingdom of God has elasticated walls for expansion, we understand that the more souls, the better! Here is a story to encourage you to keep preaching the Gospel, my friends.

I write this post to encourage you that the scripture that I’ve paraphrased above is not restricted for people from atheist or agnostic backgrounds. For me, that scripture is the driving force of the message of Christ! Two days ago, I spent two hours speaking with a Muslim, someone whom had been practicing Islam for over 50 years and was so deeply linked into the religion and the rituals that are a part of that. After two hours of debating over theology, the Holy Spirit spoke to me so clearly and I felt such a boldness come on me to draw on the love, compassion, peace and power of Jesus. At that moment, I began to speak so firmly about the plan of God for that one person, about how loved they were, and about how their life is so full of potential because Jesus Christ paid a full price for them to live to the fullest. It had nothing to do with theology per-se, but it had everything to do with the character of Jesus! I've learned that in any debate or evangelistic opportunity, whether on a platform or at the bus stop, that debating only gets us frustrated, but it is always the character of Jesus that pulls us back into alignment with what He is calling us to do. 

After sharing with her, this lady, whom I love as a family member and respect greatly said to me that she wanted to accept Jesus into her heart. Sure enough, she prayed with us, and I was radically moved to see her confess Jesus as Lord and Savior. Muslims all over the world are hungry to know Jesus Christ the Son of God. They are hungry to know that there is a plan for them that is unique to their design and make up. They are hungry to see the healing power of God at work, but most of all, they are hungry to feel and experience the love of Christ and know the selfless desire of God to see mankind make decisions of faith to follow Him.

I will be sharing this story at a football stadium in the U.K. this weekend as I preach the love of God to a large group of leaders. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus that they, as I did, will catch the vision for evangelism in our nation. I also pray that you catch the vision for evangelism in your nation and together we work to see Muslims, Buddhists, atheists and other people find out for themselves just how incredible the love of Jesus Christ truly is. 

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Published on by Jonathan Hulton.