I Stood on the Killing Fields

In March, I found myself standing in a place that once was known as one of the killing fields of Southeast Asia. The temperature was in excess of 35 degrees Celsius on a dusty, lifeless field in the middle of Myanmar, a nation formerly known as Burma on that day. Myanmar is situated on the boarders of Bangladesh, China and Cambodia. Just five years earlier, Christians were persecuted in extreme ways on that very land where I was standing. They were beaten, tortured, disrupted, forbidden to worship at night, forbidden to meet for church and some were even shot dead. As I stood on that ground where the blood of martyrs was spilt, I was overcome with deep emotion that went beyond tears. It was almost a feeling of nausea, of numbness; almost to the point that I wanted to curl up on the floor in silence and solitude to reflect and try to somehow find some explanation other than the obvious spiritual ones as to why people treat each other in such ways.

I was moved deeply not only because of the price that they paid, but because that the price they paid has now led to the beginnings of revival coming to the nation. Revival is a phrase that many use flippantly; I used to be one of these evangelists until I found myself right in the middle of one in South Africa back in 2013. I have come to learn that revival does not come as a result of hysteria, of superficial spectator style prayers or simply of calling into being as many would say; revival comes when one person falls in love with Jesus in an incredible way and then refuses to accept that others cannot experience the same intimacy with the Holy Spirit. It is infectious and completely transferable to others that are open to God doing something special in their lives. An addiction to the love of Jesus is the finest condition to have, as it will touch all that are around. When that happens, revival has begun. In James 4, the Bible says that if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us. It is really that simple.

Recently, I have seen just how much the world is opening to the gospel and to all other things spiritual. People are not switched off to Jesus, they are switched off to the package presented, the image we portray of Jesus. As the church, it is time to return to our first love, to look for Him, to pursue Him, to give Him no rest until something happens and our neighborhoods are infected with His love. My prayer for us is that we are not simply making a noise, but making an awesome attractive sound, and it always comes back to His love (1 Corinthians 13).

Click here to see the video that I filmed with GodTv in Myanmar.  

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Published on by Jonathan Hulton.