The Promotion Principle

In 1981, while making the major motion picture “E.T.,” the directors of the movie contacted the makers of the candy M&M’s and asked if they could use their candy in the film. The company responded with a resounding no. Perhaps they thought their established brand didn’t need help from an unknown science fiction movie. The directors then asked the makers of Reese’s Pieces  who responded with an enthusiastic yes.

Who knew that “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” would become the highest grossing film of its time? M&M’s missed out on millions of dollars worth of free publicity, but Reese’s experienced a boom in business after the movie. Today, many people still cannot separate Reese’s Pieces from the alien itself.  

The best way to get promoted professionally is to be humble enough to promote others personally. Jesus taught us that he that desires to be first must become last. We are never more like Christ when we give and forgive. It is not found in Scripture, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a close third is to promote others!

Artists, bands and fellow ministers are coming to me more than ever asking for an endorsement. I vowed to the Lord years ago that if I could ever help someone else I would. It has been said, “greatness is stopping to do something for others that they can do very little (if anything) for you.” The key is being willing to give without the promise of receiving anything in return.

For me, promoting others is now second nature and resembles tithing. When God gives you a platform, it is not for our own good, but rather so we can point folks to God and to help people. You cannot out give God. When we invest in others we are actually investing in ourselves.

When you pause to promote someone else, you are not only displaying Christ-like character, but also the folks you are helping will respect you more than ever. Being called of God is more important than man’s endorsement. The best way to get blessed is honor God and be a blessing to others.

Dr. Johnny Hunt, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), is one of my heroes. He has unselfishly promoted thousands of ministers and ministries. He took time to endorse folks when he could have simply said that he was too busy, which would have been the truth. However, he is both accessible and approachable and is a true leader like our Lord. Throughout his entire ministry, Dr. Hunt constantly elevated others and his endorsements are in ministry all over the country. When he ran for SBC President five years ago, he was so loved by countless Christians, clergy and musicians across America that he won hands down and was put in charge of overseeing around 16 million members. Dr. Johnny Hunt promoted others and God promoted him.

“The Prayer of Jabez” talks about enlarging our tent and/or territory. Without question, what you do for others, God will do for you. Ministry is about Jesus and others. When you promote the Lord and others, God will promote you. Zig Ziglar was right when he said, “You can get whatever you want out of life as long as you help others get what they want first.”

Outside of God’s grace, one reason I am having the time of my life ministering across the Country at churches, conferences, cruises, camps, concerts and now with Compassion International is in part because I have done my best to promote others. It’s amazing at how successful folks can become when we are willing to live for the Lord and promote others. Without question, promotion comes from the Lord and you cannot go wrong when you bless others, lend a hand, endorse others or mentor someone. Seminary teaches us to promote Christ and Christ reminds all to promote others. They go hand in hand. Never let your insecurity hinder you from helping others reach their divine destiny.

Want to get ahead? Put God first and let others go ahead! Pray, Prepare and promote God and others. We all win in the end as kids of the King.

Published on by Frank Shelton.