Normal Isn't Going to Work for You

You see what nobody else sees. You feel what nobody else feels. Specific injustices uniquely agitate you. It’s by design. Every problem on the earth stands unresolved until somebody arises to meet its challenge. You arrived on the earth at this time to be that somebody. 

The most dangerous thing a follower of Christ can do is ignore or dismiss compassion when it emerges. The God inside of you is stirred by the needs of humanity. The God inside of you is broken by the heartache around you. That’s why you can feel what you feel and see what you see. That’s why “normal” isn’t going to work for you. You were born for this moment, and the urgency increases with every passing second.

It’s time you feed the agitation, the divine anger you feel at the brokenness that surrounds you. Go ahead and allow yourself to be provoked until “normal” is no longer an option, until the call on your life becomes so all-consuming that courageous action becomes the only option that remains.

Your compassion is your secret weapon. It’s how God will move through you and heal the hurting. It’s what will push you to pray desperate prayers and ask God for more. It’s what will cause the pain of preparation and the loneliness of leadership to be worth it all. It will cause you to obey when the sacrifice seems too great. It’s what will peel back the apathy and selfishness that latches on over time. It’s what will make you unstoppable when everything tries to stop you.

Contrary to what you may have been told or what you may have convinced yourself of, what you uniquely see and feel is your assignment, and this is your time. Don’t be normal. 

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Published on by Dominic Russo.

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