God Uses Ordinary People to Share Extraordinary News

I’ve been running around the park recently. I frequently pass by this older man in his sixties who is always evangelizing. He passes out literature and to the general public, and while he may come across a little awkward; God is using him tremendously. He told me that he was praying for 20 people to place their faith in Christ and that just today he led about six people to faith in Christ, including the twentieth person to place his or her trust in Christ within about four weeks. I encouraged him and told him that I share the good news about Jesus at James Madison University on Sundays.

As we were talking, two teenagers walked by us who were about 18 years old. Boy and girl. I’ll call them Fred and Stacy. Fred and Stacy were holding hands. I introduced myself and told them that my friend and I were Christians and we were out having spiritual conversations. I asked them if they believed in God. They said yes, but acted a little disgusted towards us. I asked a few questions and they seemed to have the right Sunday school answers. They went to church. The girl was finishing her last year of high school. The two of them met at work. They trusted in Jesus for their salvation. I thought that was good, but these two young church goers seemed a little turned off at this older man and I talking about Jesus.

About that time, a car pulled up and parked and a guy stepped out and started walking towards the four of us. It was Fred’s best friend, Doug. I said to Fred, “He’s your best friend, he must believe like you do.” I introduced myself to Doug and asked, “Doug, do you believe in God?” Doug said no. I responded, “Well, surely Fred has told you about God hasn’t he? You’re his best friend, right?” “No, I haven’t.” Fred said. “Why don’t you tell him now? I don’t want to, but you should.”

Doug agreed to hear about God and engage in conversation. I asked him what were the main reasons were that he didn’t believe in God. I listened. I asked him if believed evil was real. I listened. I asked if he had other questions and asked him on a scale from 1-10, how sure he was that God didn’t exist. He said five. I asked him if I could provide good reasons for him to believe in God, would he humble himself like a child and trust in Jesus? He paused and told me maybe.

I told him that I believe that God gives people a chance to respond, to receive or reject his grace, but I don’t believe God forces himself on anybody without each person making a decision to receive Christ. My friend then shared the gospel with him and this young man named Doug prayed to receive Christ. I’m not sure if he was sincere. Some of his body language made me skeptical, but God knows his heart. We just trust the Spirit to do his work. I’m reminded of the need for all of us to get out and share the faith.

Last Sunday, I took a couple people out sharing the faith on the campus of J.M.U. One of my friends walked up to one of the basketball players and started telling him about Jesus. The tall man about my size prayed to receive Christ. It wasn’t that complicated! We just need to go. Be bold. Be loving. We don’t have to be perfect communicators or have all knowledge. I find that atheists, Muslims and nonbelievers sometimes even respect our conviction even though they reject our gospel. I tell atheists that I’m 100 percent convinced that Jesus died and rose again. Sometimes, they might even appreciate it. Many of them have left atheism and become agnostics after I shared certain questions revealing their own inconsistencies. Hopefully, God will save them. Jesus said, “If anyone ashamed of me before men, I’ll be ashamed of him before my Father in heaven.” Let’s talk about our faith!

Published on by Kristie.