The Jesus kind of Evangelism

We notice throughout scripture that Jesus was far more concerned with preaching the Kingdom of God and about the heart of sin than attacking a specific group of people. He was so focused on the heart because that's where all sin originates and where all change begins. His main message was anyone could come to God, repent, be baptized and enter the Kingdom. He had a universal message that anyone can be saved through the Son, because He came to save every sort of person (all pre-judgments aside). The only group we mainly see Him rebuke consistently are the Pharisees because they were so judgmental and so focused on behavior that they interfered with people's chances of coming to know God with their hearts. Jesus didn’t come to offer another religion. He came to offer something much deeper with much more substance and everlasting effects. He came to give humanity hope in the midst of brokenness. He came to offer a resurrection life that made dead souls live.

If we're to guide others to know Christ fully, we start at the heart, not with the behavior. Before you become critical and say, "we are to check the fruit," don’t miss what I’m saying. I’m not saying that wicked or destructive behavior goes unnoticed, but that if we are to tackle the issue we begin with must be the heart. Because the rebellious behavior we see, is just an outward symbol of a disconnection from God inwardly. As we know, the true spirit and power of God brings peace, discipline, love and righteousness. We minister reconciliation with God first and grow from there.

The most dangerous thing we can do is give a person a list of changes that need to be made to have just a "form of godliness"— to simply wear the uniform of a Christian. That’s how we create shallow believers, weekend Christians and hypocrites. When we focus primarily on a person’s behavior, it’s like addressing the symptoms without curing the disease. Every form of rebellion we see began with a broken relationship with the Creator who completes our lives in perfect harmony. The root of it all is reconciliation with God.

As we go out into the world, we should be quick to listen and slow to speak— becoming understanding to what led a person astray rather than ignorantly judging appearances. If anything else, let’s make it our duty and primary focus to reconcile the hearts of man with the heart of God by way of Jesus Christ and everything else will follow. The closer we draw to God, the further we naturally drift from everything that’s not of Him. It becomes a natural transformation rather than striving to "play the part." Our goal is not to merely create church attenders, but rather to develop fully surrendered followers of Christ. This is the Jesus kind of evangelism. Amen? Amen!

Published on by Brittney Moses.